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MaxFlow Duct Booster Fan – 4” (100mm)


Duct booster fans give your grow tent or grow room an extra boost of airflow. They push stale air, dust, and odors outside or in to a carbon filter. A booster fan gives your entire grow the air it needs to grow strong.

Instructions for use:

Just locate where your airflow starts to drop off and note the spot on the ducting. Cut the ducting where the air begins to fall off and attach it to the back of the in-line booster. Attach the remaining portion of your ducting to the front of the booster fan, clamp both ends to hold the ducting in place, and finish lining your ducting.


  • 100 CFM air flow
  • 45 db(a) noise rating
  • 12W power consumption
  • cETL Listed Fan
  • pre-wired 1.6m 120V/240V power cord
  • manufactured for maximum boost and quiet operation
  • perfect for smaller gardens, such as mid-size grow tents and rooms.
SKU: DB-01


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