Ceramic Metal Halide

Double Ended Metal Halide Bulb 1000W


1000W Double-Ended Lamps bring the latest in lamp technology to the indoor garden. These lamps significantly increase light intensity and PAR light production when compared to single-ended lamps, while consuming the same amount of energy. DEs combine long life with high PAR light output, making them the preferred lamp for professionals worldwide. Ideal for cultivation with high light demand.


  • Provides 35% more available energy than a standard MH lamp
  • Optimized spectrum required for lush vegetative growth
  • Superior μmol output within the PAR spectral range
  • The absence of frame wire eliminates any shadows in the beam
  • Outer jacket is made from high quality quartz glass
  • Initial lumens: 100000, Color Temp: 6000, CRI: 65
  • Lifetime: ~10000 hours
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


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