Ceramic Metal Halide 315

Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) 315W Bulb 3000K


Ceramic metal halide bulbs have a compact shape, superior color quality and emit a crisp white light with a more uniform spectral output than any other lamp used for plant growth lighting. CMH lamps are suitable for all stages of plant growth.


  • Advanced low frequencySquare wave technology
  • Generates much less heat than HPS and MH
  • More closely matches sunlight than any other lighting solution available
  • Growers report tighter inter-nodal spacing and better yields
  • Lamp can directly replace a 600w MH or HPS lamp in a
  • double ended fixture
  • Energy efficient with a high PAR value
  • Reduced operating heat
  • increases plant resin production
  • Rated life span 20000 hours
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty
  • 3000K spectrum



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